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Thread: Ship glitch: speed cut in half

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    Ship glitch: speed cut in half

    Server: EU

    Are you using your computer to play? If so what browser and version: no

    Are you using a tablet? If so which one: no

    Are you playing or have you ever played through Kongerate or Newsground? If so which one? No

    Are you using a mobile phone? If so which one: nexus 5

    Overview of the bug: Got a pegasus, upgraded ship, played a few days, upgraded some more, login today and suddenly my pegasus (tooler) is insanely slow, im talking slower than a tank. Did tests, my unicorn (speed 200) flies between the base and the portal in 7 seconds, my tooler (speed 220) takes 10 seconds... Somehow the speed of that specific ship has been reduced to something slower than a tank. At first i thought whatever ill just make a new tooler but i just blew through all my parts and solar leveling it up


    How often this occurs: permanent. Tried logging out and back in. Tried unequipping ship, swapping to unicorn and swapping back, deleting cache, waited for server reset, used speed booster (which makes me about as fast as a tank) but nothing changes, still stuck in a slow as molasses ship

    Summary: i worked hard (and paid money) to get my tooler up and running with a heal beam so i could heal people. Now im so slow i cant dodge pirate shots, my ships useless now stats page still claims speed of 220)

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    I should note ive already submitted a ticket, this is just to see if others have experienced something similar and to see if anyone knows of a fix i can do myself instead of bothering support

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    Server Restart will help it to fix.

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    When i got this bug it always went any after the server resets if that does not work then nothing I know that can help.

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