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Thread: >>>devs please stop what you're doing and read this<<<

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    >>>devs please stop what you're doing and read this<<<

    At the time of me writing this, it now almost 12:30am MST. I have been trying to get on to Pocket Starships since 8PM MST. I have tried on both my iPad and my iPhone; both of which give me the middle finger. I have also attempted to go to your website which also seems to be down. I have also tried to go to your website but that apparently is down as well. There are no maintenance pages up. There was no warning stating that the game would be down for routine maintenance.

    But this is how it's always been hasn't it. I've been playing this f**king game for a long time and it always seems that there was issues you guys just didn't care to get off your *sses to fix. I don't know if it's not worth your time or possibly you have bigger and better things you want to put your time to. Maybe this game has become a thorn in your back side or has become just another thought in your head as you go to bed for the night.

    As far back as I can remember, your development team seemed to never actually care enough about this game or to its customers to do due diligence in making this game great. And this game has the potential to be one of the great ones. It really does but it's going to require a team that actually cares enough to post updates and email it's customers when the game is going to be down due to non-routine or routine maintenance. It's going to take a team that can come up with innovative ideas on how to take this game to the next level.

    Because how often do you guys update this game with new features? If the game is ever down it is usually down because you guys broke something (case in point being tonight). I am not sure if your DEV team is worried that if they try to add a feature they will break the game and won't know how to fix it or if they are just too lazy to give a *hit any longer. Either way, it's either incompetence in their ability to do their job or incompetence in being able to give your customers what they want and deserve. And that's a game that doesn't break if you breath on it and it's a company that cares enough about its customers to communicate with them.

    There is a game I play called HIT (Heroes of Incredible Tales) by a company called Nexon. If you want to get a good understanding of how a company should treat a game, I beg you to play that game for a month or two and you will completely understand. Every time you open the game, if there is going to be routine maintenance or due to them updating the game with new features, they will post it on the loading page. If the game is down due to something breaking, they will also make sure it's either on the loading screen, on their Facebook page or they will email their customers letting us know what's going on.

    Either way, they will post links to their forum page that show in detail what is going on and will give you in extreme detail as to what features are being added/removed and what sales or discounts are being added/removed. Speaking of features, they are constantly updating the app due to new features. It seems like at least once a month they are having some sort of down time due to them updating the game with new features. Some would say that is excessive but at least they are updating it and fixing glitches which is more than I can say for some companies.

    I'm not trying to bash on your company. I want this game to be amazing. I want your development team to care about this game. I want there to be open communication when something is wrong. I don't want to have to be wondering why I can't log into my game. Especially seeing as how if you look at how much I have spent on this game, it's become rather personal to me. This is money I work hard for and I chose to invest it into this game therefore investing it into your company. If you do not plan or wish to make this game what it is or what it can be, please sell it to a company that does have the drive to. Either that or please reimburse me the minutes, hours, days and months I have stayed up all night playing this game. Reimburse me the money I worked hard for just to put it into this game.

    You guys owe it to your devoted customers to make this game as great as it can be. You owe it to us to make it as great as I know it should be. Going to quote a movie saying but, "If you build it, they will come.". If you fix the glitches and the issues with the game, I can guarantee you that your customers will respond in kind. Just like how they have responded in kind so far to the lack of support for maintaining this game. Do not let this game die just because your team doesn't care anymore.

    Done ranting.

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    I agree to you SUX.. now i haven't played the game for 5 days after updated the game.. i cannot play the game becoz there is no Data LOADING on my screen, iam waiting for almost an hour to see if the Data LOADING will appeared on my screen but all i can see is a black color background.. I reinstall the game 5x and using another Tablet to install the game but still the same problem.

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